Tighty Tights

Taking Tights to A New Horizon

Running & Rushing for Men’s Tights

All you strong and handsome men out there need to know the way to women’s hearts these days is not sagging your baggy pants. Actually it is quite the opposite. This season the arrival of ‘meggings’ is making big thunder on the catwalks all around the world. Girls around the world are going mad for boys in tights and it is time to let you know it is no more a laughing matter.

Can you remember that once upon a time in enchanting Sherwood Forest, Robin Hood would rock a pair of tights? What a man, so generous, loving and kind, like a true gentleman should be like and another thing – all the women loved him. 


From that it progressed to all the superheroes such as Superman, Batman, Spider-man, etc. Women clung to them like leeches too, only really stunning women. Now, what is the common pattern we notice? All the heroic and majestic male goddesses from the beginning of time have been daring and dashing enough to wear these tights.


The fashion savvy male will know these are key to adding a look that would differentiate him from the rest, no cheap thrill.  It is sensuous for women may classify it as the new version of a Speedo – it takes courage to rock it. And because being manly is all about being bold and brave, only real men will be spunky enough to rock them! For instance, take my best friend Kevin, who has flair to pull-off almost anything that most, normal men fear. This guy should be everyone’s role model. As he walks into the room, women are allured by his persona brought across through his bright fashion tights. That’s what you call style! Check out the look he has stolen straight off the runway, bringing girls  to stick to him like bees stick to honey. 


Not only is this fashion a new way to look ‘macho’, it is also been hounded for by the biggest rock stars out there. These bad boys have no limits when it comes to their swanky style, because they know that it is all about thinking outside the box and being out-there with sophistication. 


Just because they are called tights, does not particularly mean they always need to be tight, although the women do love that. You can go for a more loose pair like Chris Brown, Lenny Kravitz and Justin Bieber or switch up the style with some baggy cut-offs over the top as Tyson Beckford likes to. Men need to get innovative with their fashion sense because how long are they going to keep repeating that monotonous costume that their grandfather and his ancestors did? It is time to become a new-age man now and get away from the caveman mentality that has imprisoned them and made them victims of fashion suicide.  Whoever thinks it is a laughable idea is trying to disguise insecurities by making a joke about high-fashion. Just because you do not support it, does not mean it looks cheap.


So men, go out and make a mark this New Year by giving women a chance to get a peek of your muscly legs. Give them something back for all they have been allowing you to view over the years!

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